White Mulberry: A Refreshing Tea as Smooth as Silk

We all remember the monkey who chased the weasel around the mulberry tree, but if he had stopped for a cup of mulberry tea instead, he might felt a little less mischievous and healthier, too.

The white mulberry (Morus alba) is a fast growing tree that originated in China and India and quickly spread across the rest of Asia and into Europe. Today, white mulberry trees can be found throughout the eastern United States where it established itself as an invasive bit of foliage. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the mulberry has also found its way into some of the world’s oldest traditional practices.

The History of White Mulberries

It’s unclear who first discovered the benefits of white mulberry, but records of its use in traditional practices can be found in Egypt, Cyprus and China where the white mulberry fruit and leaves were valued for their supposed ability to support daily wellbeing.

For nearly 500 years, white mulberry has been used in traditional Chinese practices for a variety of purposes. Called San ye in Chinese, white mulberry was thought to be a cooling blood “tonic” that supported liver and kidney health. Other traditional Chinese health uses for white mulberry include support for regularity, relieving coughing and promoting urination. It has also been used to ease headache and soothe dry and sore eyes.

White Mulberry and Silkworms

The oldest and most fascinating use of white mulberry comes from ancient China over 4,000 years ago. Starting around 2,700 BC, the Chinese discovered the secret to making silk and quickly built their wealth on the workings of a humble caterpillar. One of the closely guarded secrets to their silk monopoly was the food given to the silkworms – none other than the leaves of the white mulberry tree. Finally, in 300 AD, the emperor of Japan sent spies to China who were able to smuggle out a handful of silkworms and shoots of white mulberry tree and open the silk market to the rest of the world.

As other nations tried to corner the silk market, white mulberry spread all across Asia and Europe where its fast growing nature allowed it to flourish and grow. The white mulberry even found its way across the Atlantic in the 1800s as the United States tried to establish itself in the lucrative silk market. Although the effort ultimately failed, the white mulberry had already taken root and was here to stay. 

Health Benefits of White Mulberry

Modern research has just begun to unravel the potential health benefits of white mulberry, though there is more work to be done before anything conclusive can be determined. Nevertheless, white mulberry does seem to possess some nutritional properties.

As more research is being done on the health benefits of white mulberry, more and more people are beginning to incorporate this ancient tree into their healthy lifestyles. One of the easiest ways to enjoy white mulberry is as a tea, which can be made from the fruit, leaves, or a combination of both. Most people consider the tea to be smooth and refreshing and choose to drink it without any additional sweeteners.

Another effective way to take white mulberry is in a capsule form. This involves creating an extract or powdered form of the fruit and/or leaves, and can be an attractive option for those who don’t like tea.

The secret diet of one of the world’s most pampered caterpillars can now be easily enjoyed by people all over the world. It may not be able to bring you the wealth of Chinese emperors, but white mulberry can support a healthy and active lifestyle.*

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Genesis Today White Mulberry Tea

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